How We Work

How do we achieve success?

  1. CV. After reviewing your uploaded CV, we provide you a professional assessment of yourself and best options for you to succeed with your applications. You will pay $100 fee (request for our bank details) to arrange a meeting with our representatives – online (Skype, Whatsapp) or over the phone.


  1. Certifications. Your credentials and reference letters are essential parts of profiling you for success, whenever you are ready to take this bold step. Email us all certified true copies of your certifications.


  1. Seminar & Workshop. Our partners regularly run interview sessions and seminars at our offices too, contact your local Office for the latest information.


  1. Coaching & Mentorship. If you don’t know exactly what you want to do, we take up the responsibility of mentoring and coaching you until you achieve your dreams of international education and travels. It is the reason your CV is very important to us!

Our Application Process

  1. Make appointment with BiET officer to discuss your options.


  1. Apply for study admissions or reasons for your visit, followed necessary documentations.


  1. Profile you for success, and receive your admission letters or approval for your visits.


  1. Accept your offer and pay necessary fees to secure your positions.


  1. Assist you with visa processes 100% until you received your Visa.


  1. Arrange with you your travel itineraries.


  1. Call us on your arrival in overseas, and make testimony to recommend BiET.

Our Service Fees




Country of Study/Visit Service Fee ($)
Europe/UK 1,000
Australia/New Zealand 1,100
Canada/USA 1,250

Management Team

  • Lanre Ogunkayode, Clientele & Media Services Manager


  • Mallam Mustapha Seidu, Senior Executive (General Operations)